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Collections & Estates

We offer a full range of Collection Management Services and work with Estate Lawyers on valuing and selling art.

Collection Management. Fine Art Brokers provides a full range of services for clients who have an existing art collection, including cataloguing, research, valuations for insurance, coordinating logistics and arranging installation.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of market trends and price movements, we can also advise our clients in the long term, suggesting new acquisitions and which pieces to sell and when. For example, in 2018 we arranged a museum donation for a client which was highly tax efficient: a major work of art was donated at a valuation approximately $20 million more than the purchase price 7 years prior.

Estates & Fiduciaries. We work with Estate Trustees and Fiduciaries in the valuation and sale of single works and entire collections. We can often achieve high sales prices through discreet private sales and can use our contacts to negotiate excellent auction commissions.

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Our commitment to putting our clients first means transparency on all costs and no fees charged without a completed deal.
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Services for Collection Management

Collection Planning and Budgeting

Research and Cataloguing

Valuation and Insurance Appraisals

Curatorial advice

Institutional Lending and Donation

De-accessioning guidance

Legacy goals

Conservation advice

Services for Estates & Fiduciaries

Valuation and sale advice

Private sale negotiations

Negotiation with auction houses

Estate planning

In the late 1990's we advised an American client on the acquisition of this wonderful Cezanne at auction. This involved assessing the painting's condition and its value compared to other works by the artists as well as its resonance with the client's collection. We then installed the painting in the client's apartment. Sadly, the owner passed away and, after updating the valuation and discussing sales options with the estate trustees, we were able to achieve a price in excess of the auction valuation through a private sale.

PAUL CÉZANNEAuvers-sur-Oise, Vu des Environs1876–77

“Ray introduced me to a whole new set of criteria, such as condition, quality and price negotiations and has built me an amazing collection.. He has managed to source works from private collectors and museums that I would never have been able to find on my own.”

Private Collector, New York